This is the guide on how to create your support ticket in the portal after successfully registered an account. There are three (3) fields to be completed in the ticket form.

  • Subject - Reference.
  • Type
    • Inquiry - General information enquiry.
    • Incident - Report of Specific Bugs or Issues (Functional).
    • Problem - Report of Common Incidents (Distribution/Redemption). 
    • Feature Request - New Change Request or Feature Request.
    • Tasks - Require to Assist User in Certain Tasks.
    • Sales - Require for Project or Special Cases.
    • Others
  • Description - Content of the ticket.


  1. Login to the Support Portal.
  2. Create new support ticket click on "New Support Ticket".
  3. Complete the support ticket form.
    • Fill up "Subject", select ticket "Type" and fill up Description of this ticket.
  4. New support ticket has been created.
  5. Ticket # number will be auto created by system and status will be updated accordingly.
  6. Done.

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