NAME - Name refers to the name of the Category that the product is associated with. It is the name of the specific item or service that the product is promoting or offering a discount on. The Category Name is an essential component of a product selling, as it helps to provide customers with clear and accurate information about the product or service being promoted.

DESCRIPTION - refers to a short summary or explanation of what types of products are included in that particular category. For example, if a business has a product category for "Apparel," the Category Description may briefly describe what types of clothing items are included in that category, such as t-shirts, pants, and jackets. Providing clear and concise Category Descriptions can help customers better navigate a business's website or physical store and find the products they are looking for more easily.

SELECT CATEGORY(S) Select Category(s) refers to a feature that allows businesses to assign a specific category or group to a product for organizational purposes. By selecting a category for each product, businesses can more easily manage and sort their inventory, track sales and performance data, and analyze customer purchasing behavior. Some common categories for products may include "apparel," "electronics," "beauty," or "food and beverage." Selecting an appropriate category for each product can help businesses streamline their operations and optimize their sales and marketing efforts.

IMAGE - The Image in a category refers to the visual content or graphics that are used to represent the category. This can include photos, illustrations, logos, or any other visual element that helps to promote the category and make it more attractive to potential customers. The number of images that can be added is 1.

SEQUENCE Sequence refers to the order or placement of images within a particular display or presentation. For example, if a business is creating a catalogue, they may use a specific sequence or order for the category images to ensure that the most important or eye-catching images / categories are displayed first.

STATUS - Status in Category Details refers to whether or not the category is currently active or inactive. When a category is created, it is set to an Active status by default. If the status is set to "Deactivated", the category will not be displayed to both product and catalogue creator.