What's New - July 2022

We are delighted to share what's new in Mezzofy Platform.

  1. Back Office
    • Merchant Sub Role Management
      • User can setup own "Sub Role" for the Users. Upon created the new sub role can be applied to the Users "Back Office Role".
      • Steps
        • Under Menu - Settings > Team > Role

        • Add New Role and Apply to User

    • Coupon Listing
      • User can view a new field "Availability" under Coupon Listing.
      • Steps
        • Under Menu - Coupons > Coupon Listing

    • Add New Payment Gateway - One Pay Payment
      • Merchants required to register and have an account with One Pay Payment.
      • Supported Countries and Payment Modes.
        • Vietnam
        • Visa / Master
  2. Front Office
    • Campaign Basic
      • Revamped the User Interface and User Experience for Campaign Basic.
      • Support Multiple Language.

Request for New Features?

We would like you to engage with you and learn from you on how to improve our product. If you have great ideas or request for new features that can help you in using our platform, please feel free to write in to us (support@mezzofy.com) and share.

Thank you for your using Mezzofy