What's New - June 2022

We are delighted to share what's new in Mezzofy Platform.

  1. Back Office
    • Coupon POS Redemption Code
      • User can setup the POS Redemption Code that will be auto converted to an QR code and Barcode in the Operator App Upon Successful Redemption.
      • This allow Operator to Create and Scan Internal PLU or Product Code in their existing POS for Data Capture purpose.
      • Steps
        • Under Menu - Coupons > Coupon Listing > Coupon Details

        • Input the POS Redemption Code (Alphanumeric)

    • Coupon Preview
      • User can preview the Single Coupon View in advance.
      • Steps
        • Under Menu - Coupons > Coupon Listing > Preview

    • Coupon Void
      • Enhancement to Process Void Redeem.
      • Steps
        • Under Menu - Coupons > Coupon Void

        • Input Coupon Number

    • End-of-Day Report (EOD)
      • Added New EOD Report by Merchant Level.
      • Display of Message Delivery (Email).
      • Steps
        • Under Menu - Settings > Email

        • Input the Email Addresses (Use ; for more email addresses) to Receive the Report Daily (2359H)

    • Customer Add Retrieve Function
      • User can call the Retrieve from Customer Profile.
      • Steps
        • Under Menu - Customers > Customer Listing > Retrieve

  2. Front Office
    • Campaign Basic and Event
      • Revamped the User Interface and User Experience for Campaign Basic and Event In Progress.
  3. Operator App
    • Add POS Redemption Code
      • Back Office Setup is required.
      • Upon success Coupon Redemption, POS Redemption Code will be displayed in QR code and Barcode format.
    • Error Message Display Enhancement
      • Enhancement to Display More Information for Issue or Redeem Error for ease of troubleshooting.

Request for New Features?

We would like you to engage with you and learn from you on how to improve our product. If you have great ideas or request for new features that can help you in using our platform, please feel free to write in to us (support@mezzofy.com) and share.

Thank you for your using Mezzofy