What's New - May 2022

We are delighted to share what's new in Mezzofy Platform.

  1. Back Office
    • Coupon Enquiry
      • User can enquiry a particular coupon by the coupon number to view the audit log of the coupon.
      • Steps
        • Under Menu - Coupons > Coupon Listing > Coupon Enquiry

        • Input Coupon Number and Enquiry

    • Coupon Allocations
      • Added two (2) new coupon status:
        • Issue Hold
        • Redeem Hold
      • Steps
        • Under Menu - Coupons > Coupon Allocation
    • Coupon Download Options
      • Control for the Back Office Setup on the Distribute via Email or SMS.
        • Under Menu - Settings > Coupon > Download Options
    • Coupon Distribution
      • Added Message Language Options for Customer.
      • Added Customer Group Sending via Group Distribution.
        • User can Distribute by "Customer Group" and select specific "Customer Group".
      • Added Coupon Tracking in Group Distribution.
        • User able to view the high level information of the Distribution Total Issued and Redeemed Count.
        • User able to "Export" the list of Customer who did not redeem the Coupon.
    • Email Footer
      • Allow User to amend the default email footer template by language.
      • Steps
        • Under Menu - Settings > Merchant > Email
    • Customer Email
      • Allow User to "Change" email address for their Customers in the event of wrong email address input or change of email address. The Audit Log will remain the old email address and only the new transactions will use the new email address.
      • Steps
        • Under Menu - Customers > Customer Listing

        • Search for the particular Customer by email address.

        • Click "View" to display the Customer Profile and under "Email" field to amend the address.

    • Customer Retrieve
      • Allow User to "Retrieve" Customer Wallets via Email or SMS (If Applicable).
      • Steps
        • Under Menu - Customers > Customer Listing

        • Search for the particular Customer by email address.

        • Click "Retrieve" and the retrieve method will be based on the available of the Customer information.

    • Customer Wallet

      • Allow User to control the display of the "View Wallet" in the Campaign Confirmation Page. 

      • Steps
        • Under Menu - Settings > Customers > Wallet

        • Toggle "Active" (Default is "Deactivated")

    • Add New Payment Gateway - Red Dot Payment
      • Merchants required to register and have an account with Red Dot Payment.
      • Supported Countries and Payment Modes.
    • B2B Channel Partners
      • Added two (2) new columns to B2B Coupons to display the count of the total number of Coupons Issued by Channel Merchant and being Redeemed by Merchant Owner.
      • Steps
        • Under Menu > B2B Channel Partners > B2B Coupons
  2. Front Office
    • Campaign Catalogue
      • Revamped the User Interface and User Experience for Campaign Catalogue.
      • Catalogue
        • Under Menu - Campaigns > Catalogue
        • Catalogue Listing
        • Product Listing
        • Category Listing
      • Catalogue Product
        • Auto Sync to the Original Coupon Content.
          • Coupon Name
          • Coupon Descriptions
          • Coupon Terms and Conditions
          • Coupon GTIN
  3. Operator App
    • Add New Campaign Manual Issue
      • Allow User to Issue Coupon via Campaign Basic.
      • Steps
        • Under Menu > Issue > Campaign Manual Issue

Request for New Features?

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