• To show user the steps of creating Gift Coupon


  • Coupon Management Access rights


1. Go to Coupon Listing > Actions > Add Coupon

2.  In Coupon Details > Fill in * Mandatory Fields

  • Coupon Market : Select B2C or B2B Coupon


  • Coupon Type   :  Select Free Coupon or Charge Coupon
  • Coupon Name : Enter the name of the coupon


  • Description     : Enter detailed information of the coupon
  • Coupon Value : Choose "Value" or "Percentage"
  • Face Value       : Value of the Coupon
  • Book Value      : Original selling price


  • Coupon Drawdown : Select "Yes" ( This has to be set as "Yes" in order to create Gift Coupon)
  • Coupon Drawdown Value : Select "Prefix" or "Suffix" ( "Prefix"- can put any symbol, such as "$" ; "Suffix" - can put like "Points"). * If the Value set as 10, means the Gift Coupon worth $10 in total, customer can redeem any amount ($1 to $10) until the balance becomes $0. [For example, 1st time he redeems $2, so the balance becomes $10-$2=$8; the 2nd time he redeems $5, then balance becomes $8-$5=$3; for the 3rd time if customer redeems $4, system will prompt error as insufficient balance, he can only redeem $3. Once the balance becomes $0, then this Gift Coupon is no longer valid.]
  • Terms & Conditions : The terms & conditions for using the coupon


  • Validity Start Type : Choose "Start Date" or "Start Days"
  • Validity Expiry Type : Choose "Expiry Date" or " Expiry Days"


  • Expiring Notification Flag : Active or Deactivated


  • Per Download Qty : This is the quantity of coupon received for every download. It can't be changed.
  • Total Allocate Qty : The total available quantity for download. This quantity can’t be changed later, but user still can add quantity.
  • Daily Issuing Limit : The quantity of coupon which can be downloaded per day.
  • Daily Redeem Limit : The quantity of coupon which can be redeemed per day.
  • Total Redeem Limit : This is the total available quantity for redemption.
  • Low Inventory Notification : Active or Deactivated
  • Display Redeemable Qty : Active or Deactivated 


  • Select Operator (Issue/Redeem) : Click "Select"


  • Select location > Click "Save"

  • Click Submit & Back

11. Image : Click "Select Images" and upload the photo to be appeared in the coupon. User can upload more than 1 photos.


  • GTIN Barcode : If product is promoted, user can enter product barcode for future analysis use.
  • Video URL : If Video URL is entered, there will have a button ‘Watch’ shown in Coupon Download Page, consumer can see the video after clicking the button.
  • Online Redeem Code : This redeem code will be shown in downloaded coupon, consumer can enter this code in the merchant’s online shop to get discount.
  • Online Shop URL : If there has Online Shop URL, there will have a link called ‘Redeem Online’ shown in downloaded coupon, consumer can click this link to get to merchant’s online shop.
  • Success Redirect URL : After coupon is downloaded, the screen will be forwarded to this URL.


  • Custom Data  : This is for system integration use.
  • Reference No : Enter any reference when necessary.
  • Remarks         : Enter any remarks when necessary ( For internal reference )


  • Tags : Enter tags if necessary
  • Direct Download : Active or Deactivated
  • Overwrite Expired Redemption : Choose "Active" or "Deactivate"
  • Transfer Coupon : Choose "Active" or "Deactivate", Active = Coupon is transferable; Deactivate= Non transferable
  • Publish : If ‘Publish’ is set to ‘Deactivated’, Coupon Download Page will not be shown after clicking Coupon URL. Nevertheless, downloaded coupon still can be redeemed.
  • Status : If this field is set "Deactivated", those Issued and Valid Coupons can be processed to Redeem or Void. Issuing coupons are not allowed. 
  • Click "Add"

Outcome - Successful

  • Gift coupon is created