• User can choose to distribute coupons or specific coupons using Export


  • Coupon Management access rights
  • Coupons created
  • Validity of the coupons is still valid
  • Availability of the coupons is enough to perform such function


A) Export Coupons

1. Coupon Allocation > Coupon > Click Export

2. Select Export Coupons

3. Enter Quantity to Export > Mark Coupon Status As Issued "Yes" > Click Export Coupon

4. Click OK

5.  Status shows Generating means links are being generated

6. Export completed and you can Download as File

B) Export Specific Coupons

7. Coupon Allocation > Export > Export Specific Coupons

8. Download Sample File

9.  Enter Coupon ID and Coupon Number

10. Upload csv file > Mark Coupon Status as Issued "Yes" > Click Export Coupon

11.  Click OK

12. This screen will be seen after click Export, click View

13. Click Confirm

14. Links are being generated

15. Status complete > Click View

16. Click Download as File and you can send links to customer > Done