• Allow user to distribute coupon


  • Coupon Management access rights
  • Coupon is created, active and valid
  • Make sure the quantity of the coupon is sufficient to perform coupon distribute


1. Coupons > Coupon Distribute > Select Add Single Coupon Distribute or Add Wallet Coupon Distribute

2.Single Coupon Distribute: Fill in ALL mandatory fields ( * )

  • Distribution Name : Open text
  • Distribution Type   : Select Customer Group( it refers to existing customer ) or Manual Import File (CSV)- refer to screen 2a
  • Customer Group    : Default Group
  • Qty To Distribute   : Enter quantity
  • Issue Remarks        : Open Text
  • Language               : Select Language
  • Send Mass Coupon Via : Email
  • Do you Want to Send Coupon : Yes

2a. If Manual Import File (CSV) is selected, download sample distribute file

2b. Enter Coupon ID, Customer Email/ Mobile, Qty and Issue Remarks > Save the file > Upload the file (Coupon Distribute File)


  • Subject             : Enter Email Subject
  • Email Message : Text
  • Click Import Distribute Fiile

4. Click OK

5. Processing > Refresh the page

6. Click View

7. Click Confirm

8. Refresh the page

9. Distribute done

10. Click Export under Total Balance to download customer details in csv file; Export under Action means download csv file with customer's email address, coupon url , coupon quantity and coupon number. Refer to screen 10a


Outcome - Successful

  • Customer will receive coupon via email