• Allow user to update or edit an existing when there is any changes in the coupon details such as Coupon Name, Coupon Description, Terms & Conditions and Tags


  • Coupon Management Access rights
  • Coupon is created and active


1. Coupon Listing > Click "View" on the coupon to be updated 

2. To update Coupon Name: Enter updated name > Click "Save" and it will show "Saved". Refer to screen 2a


3.  To update Description : Enter new description and click "Save" until " Saved " is shown

4. To update Terms & Conditions : Enter text > Click "Save" until "Saved" is shown

5. To update Tags : Repeat steps as above > Click "Update" > Done

6. User can click "Preview"to view coupon, refer to screen 6a


Outcome - Successful

  • Coupon is updated