• Create Campaign Event with Booking Function on Date and Slots with Quote Control.


  • Campaign Management Access Rights
  • Coupon Created and Allocate


1. Campaigns > Campaign Event > Actions > Add Event



  • Mode : Select Free Campaign or Charge Campaign (Payment Setup is Required)
  • Name : Enter name of the Campaign


  • Description : Enter information of the Campaign
  • Terms and Conditions : Enter Terms & Conditions for using the Campaign. (Mandatory)


  • Redemption Guide : Enter Redemption Details for the Campaign


  • Date Type : Select “Validity Period” or “Non Validity Period”
  • Validity Period : Enter Start Date and End Date ( If Validity Period is selected)
  • Campaign Date Display : Select “Active” or “Deactivated”, this is for display purpose


  • Image : Select and upload the Campaign Image. You can upload multiple images and put the order sequence to be displayed.
  • Video URL : Enter the URL of the video to be played in the Front Office


  • Select Coupon(s) : Browse and select coupons for the Campaign to be Distributed. Please note that at least an Issuer Location MUST be selected in Coupon Details(Coupon Management), otherwise unable to select any coupons.


  • You can indicate per download quantity for the Campaign. Note: For Voucher Bundling, please select more than 1 coupons)


  • Enable Coupon List Display: Select “Active” or “Deactivated”, this is for display in Front Office

9. Modifier : Set up the Modifier accordingly to the Campaign (Optional)

  • Modifier Group Name
  • Modifier Group Descriptions
  • Modifier > Add

10. In Modifier Details, enter the following:


  • Name
  • Description
  • Min Qty
  • Max Qty
  • Per Qty Price
  • Click “Save


13. Event Setup : Set up the Event accordingly to the Campaign. ( Mandatory ) > Click “Event Details

14. In Event Setup Details, enter the following details:

  • Event Name
  • Event Description


  • Operator Recipient Email : If there are more than one recipients' email, please use Semicolon (;) in between. For instance: xxx@yahoo.com;xxx@gmail.com
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Excluded Date : Enter date > Add
  • Minimum Days: Customer can book "n days before the event. For instance, if set as 0, customer still can book on the event day.
  • Change Booking : Select “Active” or “Deactivated”. Allow or disable to change the booked event slot.

16. If Change Booking is Active

  • Change Url: The url to change the event slot.
  • Change Cutoff Days: Allow to change the booked event slot before the event. For example, if set as zero, still allow to change the event slot on the event date.


  • Slot Management : Select > Add
  • Submit

17a. In Slot Details, enter Slot Name and Slot Quota > Save


  • Enable Custom Message : Select “Active” or “Deactivated”
  • Display Campaign Qty : Select “Active” or “Deactivated”


  • Display Member Login : Select “Active” or “Deactivated”
  • Customer Information : Setup the Customer Information Fields to be Collected
  • Receive coupons via Email / SMS
  • Black Listed Email
  • White Listed Email
  • Mobile
  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Password
  • Reference No 

  • Theme Color Code : Enter the HEX Code of the Action Button


  • Distribution Channel : Enter the Information for the Channel References
  • Google UTM : Enter the Google UTM for Customer download successfully
  • Email Message : Enter the Email Content for Customer download successfully
  • Target URL : Enter the URL to be Redirected from the Campaign URL


  • Success Redirect URL : Enter the URL to be Redirected for Customer download successfully
  • Remarks : Enter the remarks for internal references


  • Tags : Enter Text > Press "Enter". 
  • Campaign Availability Limit : Setup the Campaign Availability for download.  Select “Active” or “Deactivated”
  • Customer Participate Limit :  Setup the Maximum Quote for Customer to participate in the Campaign. (0 = Unlimited)
  • Delivery : Select “Active” or “Deactivated”
  • Publish : Select “Active” or “Deactivated”
  • Status : Select “Active” or “Deactivated”

23. Done

Outcome - Success

  • Campaign event is created