• To allow Customer User perform Refund Coupon via Coupon Wallet.
  • Setup by Coupon Level.
  • Upon Customer Confirmation. System will Auto Void the Coupon.
  • Admin Required to Perform Manual Payment Refund via Payment Gateway.


  • Coupon Management Access Rights
  • Coupon Refund = Active

Steps (Admin)

  1. Go to "Coupons" in Main Menu.
  2. Go to "Coupon" in Sub Menu.
  3. Select the Coupon Required to Allow Refund Coupon.
  4. Enable "Refund Coupon" and Setup the Valid Period and Message. 
  5. Immediate will Take Effect Upon Update Coupon.

Steps (Customer)

  1. Tap on "Active" (Default) to view Coupon Listing.
  2. Go to the Coupon that Customer Wanted to Refund.
  3. Tap on "Cancel" Button.
  4. Customer Optional to Input Reason for Refund.
  5. Tap on "CANCEL" Button and Double Confirm to Cancel Coupon.
  6. System Process.

Outcome - Success

  • Void Coupon Successful.

Outcome - Failure

  • Refund (Void) Coupon  Failure.
    • Customer Cancel the Refund Request.


  • Not Applicable.