• To allow Operator User perform Redemption of Expired Coupon via Operator App.


  • Customer Coupon Wallet
    • History
  • Validation:
    • Coupon Enable for "Expired Redemption" by Admin
    • Coupon Status = Expired


  1. Go to Coupon Wallet and Tap on "History" Menu.
  2. Go to the Expired Coupon to Redeem. (It will show "Request Extension")
    • QR Code Presented if Coupon is being Configured to Process Expired Redemption.
  3. Method to Redeem.
    • Open Operator App.
    • Go to "Redeem" Tab and Tap on "Scan to Redeem" Sub Menu.
    • Scan the QR Code on Customer Coupon Wallet.
  4. Validation Process.
    • Refer to Outcome.

Outcome - Success

  • Redeem Coupon Successful.
    • Operator App
    • Customer Coupon Wallet

Outcome - Failure

  • Redeem Coupon Failure with Error Message.
    • Error Message - Invalid Coupon.
    • Error Message - Operator Not Allow to Redeem Coupon.


  • Pin Code Redemption.
  • Back Office Portal Redemption.