Below briefly describes how to use Mezzofy’s coupon wallet.   For detail operation, please refer to the section ‘Detail Operation Guide’.




Done by Party



Consumer download coupon via Campaign Download Page


Campaign Coupon Download Page


Consumer receive coupon wallet, which is sent via email




Consumer view coupons downloaded from the same merchant


Web Page



Detail Operation Guide



What is Mezzofy Coupon Wallet?


Mezzofy coupon wallet contains coupons, which are downloaded by customer via Campaign Download Page. 


One coupon wallet only contains coupons from one merchant.   If customer download coupons from two merchants, customer will receive two Mezzofy coupon wallets.


Every time customer downloads coupon, last updated coupon wallet will be sent to that customer via email. 



Use Mezzofy Coupon


After downloading coupons, customer will receive coupon wallet email as below:-


Press ‘View Coupon Wallet’ button in the email, screen will show Mezzofy coupon wallet as below:- 

By default, active coupons will be shown as following:-


Customer can choose to see redeemed and expired coupons by pressing History option:-

Seek Support from Mezzofy


If encountering any problem when using Mezzofy Platform, please send email to support@mezzofy.comMezzofy support team will follow up asap.


User please state “Mezzofy Platform Usage Problem”in the subject title, state the registered merchant name and login email address in the content, and detail describes the problem encountered.