Below briefly describes the steps to manage merchant’s user via Backend CMS.  For detail operation, please refer to the section ‘Detail Operation Guide’.






Choose function ‘Administration’ -> ‘User Management’

Backend CMS


If want to add new user, click button ‘Actions’ -> ‘Add New User’;

 If want to modify user’s information, click button ‘View’ in the row of the user

Backend CMS


Enter or change user’s information

Backend CMS


Click button ‘Add’ to create new user, or click button ‘Update’ to confirm change

Backend CMS


Detail Operation Guide


User Management


In left side’s Function Option Menu, choose function ‘Administration’ -> ‘User Management’ to display User Management Screen.


If want to add new user, click button ‘Actions’ -> ‘Add New User’.   If want to modify existing user’s information, then click button ‘View’ in the row of the user.



User Details Information


After entering User Details Screen shown below, user can either enter user information, and click button ‘Add’ to create new user; or modify existing information, then click button ‘Update’ to confirm change.

User Details Screen – Input Fields


Field                                         Description

Date Of Join                             This is the date that merchant register the account, for display only.

Name                                        The name of user, this is mandatory field.

Login Email Address               The login email address of user, this is mandatory field.

Password                                  The login password of user, this is mandatory field.

Retype Password                      For confirming the password entered, this is mandatory field.

Back Office Role                      For setting Backend CMS access right of the user, this is mandatory field.

                                                  There have 10 options available:-

                                                  Merchant (Full Access):

Merchant main admin, full rights for all the modules.

Full right for Customers, Coupons, Campaigns and                                           Report modules.
Data Admin:
Coupon creation, edit and allocation, but without active/deactivate right. Report viewing.
Finance (Report):
- Report viewing: Transactions / Reconciliation / Coupon Audit Trail / Third Party Report
Operator (Issuer/Redeemer):
- Allow to Issue and Redeem coupon only.
Operator (Issuer):
- Only allow to Issue coupon.
Operator (Redeemer):
- Only allow to Redeem coupon.
Customer Service:
- Only allow for Customer module
- Report viewing: Reconciliation / Coupon Audit Trail
Not Accessible to BO:
- No access to Back Office                

Mobile App Role                      For setting Mobile App access right of the user, this is mandatory field

                                                  There have 4 options available:-

                                                  Merchant (full)  -    have full access right

                                                  Not Accessible to Mobile App - can’t access Mobile App

                                                  Operator            -    can issue and redeem coupon

                                                  Supervisor         -    can activate, issue, and redeem coupon

Merchant                                  The name of the merchant, for display only.

Redeem Location Associate     For setting which redeem location that this user belongs to.  

                                                  If choose ‘Yes’, there will have lookup table ‘Redeem Location’ displayed for selecting the redeem location.

                                                  If choose ‘No’, user will be asked to select redeem location after logging into Mobile App.

Mobile                                      The mobile phone number of the user.

Address                                    The address of the user.

Country                                    The country of the user.

Postal Code                              The postal code of the address.

Remarks                                    For describing the detail of the user.

Status                                        Set the user is in effect or not.